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Conch Pearls

Conch pearls (pronounced ‘konk’) are natural pearls created by the Queen Conch, a saltwater univalve mollusk.
These natural pearls are calcareous concretions formed inside the innards of the giant sea snail, the Strombus Gigas. These natural pearls are non-nacreous and display a unique “flame structure”, a radiating pattern of white markings just beneath a lustrous or porcelain-like surface, exhibiting chatoyancy around the edges and creating a halo-effect. This flame-like pattern results from the arrangement of the prismatic crystals perpendicular to the surface of the pearl. Conch pearls occur primarily in raspberry red to pink colors and they can also create whites, purples, browns, yellows, oranges, and golds. They are symmetrical in shape with mostly ovals, drops, and baroques, and occasionally they will create a button or round. Currently we have conch pearls in sizes from 4mm to 14mm.
The Strombus Gigas or the Queen Conch is an edible marine gastropod or snail found in the tropical waters from Southeastern Florida to the West Indies and the Caribbean Sea. They are harvested mainly for their white tasty meat and in the majority of the countries most of the meat is exported. These conchs live in shallow warm water near coral reefs where sea grass and algae are abundant. The Queen Conch has the largest shell of all the species found in the Florida/Caribbean area where they can grow up to 7-12 inches high. The Queen Conch is not yet an endangered species, but they are subject to quotas in order to prevent their disappearance.

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