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The Largest Abalone Pearl Dealer in the World
The story begins in the 1980's when Wes Rankin, after abalone diving for 18 years, found a 112.08 ct. gem + quality natural pearl in the abalone he was cleaning. Wes knew he couldn't be the only diver to find a pearl and our search for pearls began. We began collecting our vast inventory by purchasing the abalone pearls from the abalone processing plants in Southern California. Over the years we continued increasing our inventory by purchasing the pearls one by one from the sport divers on the North coast of California. Even today we often get calls from the divers who find pearls.
In 1994, after amassing enough pearls to supply the industry for decades, we started our company, Pacific Coast Pearls. We carry a very large selection of loose abalone pearls.

We also carry a very nice selection of loose natural pearls from the scallop, oyster, conch, melo melo, clam and mussel.

We have our own line of designer abalone pearl jewelry using 18kt gold, platinum, and precious stones. Our designers create each objet d'art by using the pearls' own unique beauty for inspiration. Also, we carry unique antique jewelry with natural pearls.

Consumers today are looking for high quality pearls and they know for certain when they purchase a natural pearl that they are buying a gem that will appreciate in value the longer they own it.

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Tish and Wes Rankin
Pacific Coast Pearls

Pacific Coast Pearls
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